The Very Fiber of Me

Getting ready for the Winter shows

Fall is here  and the show line-up is coming up soon. October 17-19 I will be in Wenatchee, WA at the Toyota Town Center participating in the Custer Fall Show.October 22-26 I go to Tacoma at the Tacoma Dome for the Tacoma Holiday Food and Gift Show.November 14-16 I will be in Seattle at the…(continue reading)

Spring us almost upon us

I am looking forward to warmer weather mixed with a little sunshine. Living in the Pacific Northwest always brings its fair share of rain, but we have the greenest grass,  and greenest mountains around. Flowers are beginning to hint that they will be blooming soon. Well I don't know…(continue reading)

A new Direction

As the new year is beginning I have been trying new techniques and Ideas. Emerging backgrounds that look as though they were printed or dyed that way is giving me a new background to build upon. Some on my new pieces will be sporting this process and will be added to my gallerys as soon as I get my pictures…(continue reading)

Alzheimers Donation

 My daughter has promised an art piece donation to the Alzheimers Assoc. in Spokane from me. Now I have to design it. When I designed some in the Seattle auction, I actually used the characteristics of the disease as inspiration. The pieces were happy but showed the change that takes place. This…(continue reading)


I want to thank all that have come to visit my website. I hope you enjoy my pieces. I  want to let you know that in June I will be opening a shopify store.  I would love to hear a message from all of you that visit. Thank you again, Judy…(continue reading)